Graffiti Removal in Newcastle Under Lyme and surrounding areas within Stoke on Trent

Unsightly graffiti can have a negative impact on your home or business, if its a business it could put off potential customers.

Did you know that the presence of graffiti is often a catalyst for further crime? In the event of a graffiti attack, timing is everything.

Graffiti on walls and surfaces can vary in styles and come in many forms such as aerosol paints, markers and adhesive labels. These are all difficult to remove with commercial cleaning methods.

What is a Graffiti Removal Service?
A graffiti removal service will clear your home or commercial property of graffiti swiftly and safely. Unwelcome graffiti is unsightly and antisocial, and it may even leave a lasting, negative impact on a community. If left in sight it can encourage further graffiti, lead to a decline in local property prices and increase the fear of crime in that area.

Why choose a graffiti removal service from EasyJetwash?

  • Our professional graffiti removal equipment and methods include the use of steam. We also use a specially formulated cleaning spray to effectively remove graffiti from most surfaces.
  • We strive to remove all traces of graffiti without causing damage to surfaces, or leaving behind any markings or shadows.
  • We offer a fast and efficient graffiti removal service. From your initial enquiry we can often clean all traces of graffiti away within a matter of hours. This is particularly important if the graffiti at your property is offensive or abusive, which could be damaging to your business or life.
  • We offer a one-off cleaning service for commercial or residential premises affected by vandalism.
  • Your site’s safety and security is our top priority. Don’t let illegal graffiti affect you or your business.

Note:It's worth noting that when cleaning a patch of graffiti, it will often leave the surface much cleaner than the remainder of the surrounding surface, in these cases you have the option to clean the whole surface at an additional cost.

We believe in an honest assessment and reliable work at a fair price.

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EasyJetwash is fully insured to the sum of £5,000,000 of public liability insurance, Easy Jetwash operatives are professional, reliable and endeavour to carry out the work to the highest standard but with minimal fuss and upheaval.

COVID-19: Easy Jetwash works outside your property, this complies with the Governments Covid-19 guidelines.

IMPORTANT: To carry out our cleaning jobs, we will need access to the areas you require cleaning, You dont necessarily need to be there for us to carry out the service but we will need access to electricity for Gutter Cleaning and water for Pressure Washer Cleaning.