Diluted Sodium Hypochlorite

Diluted Sodium Hypochlorite, Our answer to Algea, Lichen & Moss removal

Sodium Hypochlorite is a quick and easy solution to cleaning and removing moss, algae and weeds from your drive, patio, walls, fences and brickwork.

Once we have pressure washed the surface, we then apply the sodium hypochlorite and use a brush to agitate the surface, this removes any remaining algea, moss and lichen, once we have brushed this in to the surface, we then rinse it away, finally as a preventative we apply the Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC50), this is left to dry on the surface.

Sodium Hypochlorite patio cleaner is the worldwide number one product to use. The Sodium Hypochlorite Solution we use is highly concentrated and will remove the need for numerous applications, one treatment will provide a clean and moss free surface immediately.


  • Algae - is a green film or powdery layer found on paving stones and stonework.
  • Lichen - commonly grows on timber structures and paving stones. The colour can vary from orange to to silver and have a scruffy look.
  • Moss - is found on all types of surfaces and can be very dense tufts of growths.


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